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What to do when the rain doesn't drain?

Updated: Jun 12

Are you tired of your property turning into a makeshift swimming pool every time it rains? Fear not, dear homeowner, for I have some tips that will keep your feet dry and your sense of humor afloat from your friends at SPOT ON OUTDOOR SERVICES!

1. The Great Wall of Water Defense First things first, let’s talk about berms. No, not the Bermudas where you lose your socks, but earthen berms that can redirect water away from your home. Think of it as building a mini Great Wall of China around your property – except it’s made of dirt and won’t be visible from space.

2. French Drains: Ooh La La Consider installing a French drain. It’s like having a secret agent beneath your lawn, whisking water away without anyone noticing. And no, you don’t need to speak French to install one, but it might impress your neighbors.

3. Rain Gardens: Nature’s Sponge Create a rain garden! It’s like giving Mother Nature a sponge to clean up her mess. Plus, it’s a great excuse to play in the mud and pretend you’re landscaping.

4. The Neighborly Water Feud And lastly, if your neighbor’s idea of irrigation is redirecting their personal monsoon onto your property, it might be time for a friendly chat. Remember, diplomacy first – build a moat later.

So there you have it, folks. With these tips, you’ll turn your property from a waterlogged wasteland into a dry paradise. And remember, when it comes to water drainage, it’s all about going with the flow – and contacting a professional for your outdoor services to help you. Give us a call or contact us at . We are here to take the worry, frustration and concerns out of your hands and putting it into ours.

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